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Mid-North Recycling is a state of the art recycling facility dedicated to converting waste alloy materials into commercially viable products, utilizing environmentally friendly recycling methods. MNR will purchase recyclable alloy products from a variety of merchants.

Our northern headquarters are located on the outskirts of New Liskeard Ontario, where we allow the public to bring in the waste alloy. We then sort/prepare this material for future shipment to the mills.

The economy for the Temiskaming area will benefit from this venture by employing people from the community. We plan on conducting business with the local residents as this will help support the economy in the tri-town, recycle and reduce waste. Our facility is open to the public and to larger corporations such as car dealerships, fabrication businesses such as welders. Mine development is expanding in the Gogama, Matachewan and the Quebec area and are needing metals to be recycled. Our facility helps minimize waste through a recycling, reduction and reuse program. We strive to bring awareness to the community by recycling and taking care of the environment. With the annual expansions (such as demolition of buildings) we plan to focus on long-term sustainability.

Our mission at MNR is to improve the environment, expand and improve productivity and to consistently monitor all major metal trading markets.

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